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Our Immigration Services are aimed to provide our customers with full information allowing them to make informed decisions. Our qualified immigration consultants and lawyers deliver services to aiming immigrants who wish to migrate to Australia, Canada, and Quebec.
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Canada, Australia, Quebec

We give your immigration case the personal attention it deserves & help you settle in the country of your choice.

Immigrate to Canada

Canada is a standout amid the best nations across the globe for settlement and immigration. In case that you are a Canada, immigration applicant, Our Legal experts and consultants are here to help you throughout immigration process.

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Immigrate to Australia

Australia is the best spot for immigration. Individuals from various parts of the globe apply different Australian visas to move to beautiful Australia to work, on a business trip, spend vacations, or to get settled permanently.

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Immigrate to Quebec

Out of the thirteen provinces in Canada, Quebec is the largest one. It is mainly famous for two things, it’s delicious food and its being second on the list of most populous provinces of Canada

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Study Abroad – Choose Country of your Choice!

Applying for a visa is a relatively hard process. We are here to assist you in things like Selection of Universities in your desired country, Filling up the application, Preparing the financial statements and Training you for the interviews to make it sure you will get visa and admission in your selected country.

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Canadian Immigrations

Canada is a standout amid the best nations across the globe for settlement and immigration. In case that you are a Canada, immigration applicant, we are here for you and provide you the detailed information, with the goal that you could get extensive information regarding the whole Canadian immigration procedure plus Visa Categories, i.e., Business Visa, Student Visa, Visit Visa, Work Visa, Working Holiday Visa, Permanent Residency Visa and so forth

Australian Immigration

Australia is a nation loaded up with some lovely scenes, substantially more like the outback regions with the shorelines that can carry you for a lifetime plus it has much more to discover and explore. Australia is considered as an extraordinary place as to compared to other spots to move by the huge majority of the general population however it is somewhat far from whatever remains of the world.

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Visa Categories

Skilled Worker Visa

Skilled Immigration to Australia and Canada is among the important categories of migration. This visa category doesn’t need any nomination or sponsorship.

Business Immigration Visa

Discover the kinds of Business  Immigration options for Canada and Australia. Our Legal advisers and consultants knows all what you need to get Business Immigration

Study Visa

Studying in the abroad could be the best choice to upgrade your insight and abilities to make progress in an inexorably competitive, complex, and challenging business condition

Family Visa

Many countries proposes your family to move is a standout amid the most vital. Being a citizen of country or a permanent resident, you may have the capacity to spouse your family to relocate to Australia through visas.

Visitor Visa

Australia, Canada  are extremely incredible places which certainly ought to be visited rarely. It doesn’t make a difference whether you desire an event or you come to meet relatives

Work Permit

A work permit is the permission to take a job within a foreign country, MDSV Consultancy helps it’s customer to apply for work permit for Canada, Quebec and Australia. Get in touch to get more information

Permanent Residency

If you’ve been a resident visa holder for years or more, and can show a commitment to living in country you are living you can apply for a Permanent Resident Visa. Once granted, you can live and work

Spouse Visa

Canadian / Australia permanent residents and citizens are permitted to sponsor their conjugal partner, common-law partner or Spouse for the Spousal Visa to come to country as the permanent resident.

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Frequently Asked Question – Immigration & Visa Consultancy

What does your agency do?

MDSV Immigration Consultancy is a private immigration company in UAE with a group of highly qualified migration consultants for the Canada, Australia, Quebec, Clients across the globe wishing to apply for a visa. MDSV Consultancy delivers fee-based services in addition to the authorized government charges to counsel, help and represents our clients through the often-complex visa application process

What documents would it be a good idea for me to give proof of marital status and identity?

You ought to give certified and ensured copies of the standard archives of identity that are necessary in your nation of birth (or the residence, where applicable), which should be converted into English in case that they are not actually in English already. If accessible in your nation, you might likewise give international or multilingual civil status records, (for instance death, marriage, birth certificates) giving English is among the dialects on the record. Some of the European nations will likewise give a concentrate of the population enlist register rather than a birth declaration, plus this is acceptable in case that it incorporates details or subtleties of your parents, and is made an interpretation of into English. You ought to incorporate certified and ensured copies of your profile information page of passport or travel record. It will be perfect if you warranty the copies are high-class color copies.

Could my application be handled and processed sooner?

Applications are basically processed in the order they are gotten plus there is a little extension to process applications prior. In case that you believe you have compassionate and compelling reasons that why your application ought to be processed and handled before if it’s not too much trouble give a written explanation to your case officer sketching out those conditions. It ought to be noticed that as a general arrangement and policy, conditions, for example, work in Australia; pregnancy; schooling for youngsters; separation from your accomplice or selling your house isn’t viewed as compassionate or compelling.

Does my Life partner or spouse could work on a partner Visa in Australia / Canada?

Yes, Visa of the partner enables the holder actually to work in Australia / Canada

Could my accomplice apply for a visa of prospective marriage in Australia?

No, you should be outside of Australia in order to lodge a visa for prospective marriage.

What number of stages in the procedure of partner visa?
      • The Provisional Partner visa is the primary stage towards a partner permanent visa. You could lodge just a single application for your permanent and temporary visas and pay a charge of one application. The application will be processed in two phases, around two years apart.
      • The procedure is marginally diverse in case that you apply for (Fiancé) prospective marriage visa at first. This includes an additional stage in the process of provisional visa.
      • National Visas actually treat the permanent and provisional stages as isolated premium services.
Would I be able to incorporate my youngsters in my application?

Typically yes you could. Yet, diverse visas to Australia have distinctive prerequisites plus one answer doesn’t apply to all circumstances.

The necessities and limitations on Australian visas vary contingent upon the visa for which you are basically applying. Thus do the expenses. You ought to talk about your individual circumstance with one of our skilled experts.

What archives should Business Migration Program candidates submit?

The minimum and primary required documents incorporate yet are not restricted to:

      • Police and Medical Certificates
      • Certificate of experience or evidence of business and managerial experience.
      • Evidence of net worth
      • Valid passport
      • CV or Resume
      • Reports of Educational Credential Assessment or Educational Certificates
      • Results of language test
How should a candidate sponsor his or her spouse?

The applicant should be a permanent resident of the province, Quebec. The age of the candidate sponsoring their spouse should be at least 18 years.

What do you mean by the term de facto Spouse?

A person who is at least 16 years of age and may be of the same sex, or opposite and living with the sponsor for almost a year is de facto spouse.

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